Amy Phillips


I call myself a writer, but in truth I’ve always been drawn to mediums that pair words with other forms of art. In college, I majored in theatre because I loved the way the script could take on new meaning based on an actor’s pause or how a set piece is lit; the mood and context could change with each choice, freeing a writer’s work to express something even she might not have known was there.

With zines, the words can be written upside down, or drawn in large block letters, or into a caption for a drawing. White space can be placed where the reader needs it, or taken away. I love the messiness that draws out my already raw memoir writing onto the page. The difference between what I’ll write by hand and the carefully-crafted essays on my blog is striking, a beautiful complement that shouldn’t surprise me, as I was always an expressive letter writer back when you needed stamps to communicate with people far away.

If you like the writing on my blog, you'll be surprised by what you find here. And if you are drawn to honest storytelling that is not afraid of the dark, you've come to the right place.

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music and the man in the small red car

celebrating the poetry in small moments

He is elegant in his height. He is happy. He seems kind.


a baby's fist

on power and vulnerability

Dan saw I was about to swat someone, and he motioned for me to move closer to him. It was such a small moment, but I think I can safely say it was the first time something inside me said, "No one is taking care of me right now."


it was an accident

on violence

The first time I punched a girl in the head, I wanted to apologize.


mean and frightening

on danger and marriage

It makes me wonder: how often do we seek comfort in the very places that present the most danger?


homeless: who am i and what do i want

on my experience working with homeless women and, years later, fighting to keep my home

People like to say that anyone can be one step away from homelessness, but this is always said from a place that's comfortable. When you get that close, you stop talking like that. There is a weight on your chest, a pit of anxiety in your belly.


the stronger one

for my son, on the ways that strength is not aggression

Weak people have no chance of winning unless they fight dirty, And when they do, the tougher fighter can really get hurt. Here's another way to get hurt: stand there and take all the punches. Strong people have self-respect, so they fight back.


how to think about exercise: (not just) a beginner's guide

eleven principles to guide how, why, and when to move

If you are obsessive about exercise, this self-manufactured stress will manifest itself in injuries, anxiety and limited results. Enjoy moving. Enjoy your food.


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three zines exploring issues of power in relationships for a special price

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