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Amy Phillips is a storyteller par excellence. She has been writing for Northwestern College publications for 17 years, and she has consistently told stories that draw readers in, make connections, and define her subjects in a compelling and concise manner. She’s the best writer I’ve worked with. I’m always confident she will engage the reader and find a way to bring out something memorable about her subject, and she never disappoints.
Duane Beeson, Director of Public Relations, Northwestern College


FRAMES: a picture of death, drugs, and forgiveness (as Amy Scheer)

FRAMES is the true story of a 28-year-old woman who died when a speeding truck crashed into her idling car. It’s the story of a man addicted to cocaine and a widower who said I forgive you. FRAMES is a mosaic of shattered lives: a beautiful picture of life, death, and everything in between.
FRAMES presents a real-life tragedy and its hopeful end by allowing the central characters to speak for themselves. Firsthand accounts and primary source materials stand side by side, forming an elegant, complex narrative collage that draws in the reader with highly personal revelations.
Part oral history, part elegy, FRAMES shows that the many snapshots of our lives rarely stand alone, and one picture of death, drugs and forgiveness has lessons for us all. Purchase here.


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